e-invite caricature is used for all social website, like facebook, twitter, linkedin, gplus, gmail, yahoo mail, live mail, hotmail etc. It is very best with your budget rate. East to share anyone with your friends and loved one, anywhere. Sure it has your own themed or ideas, perfectly created with caricaturelives


Printable, it is a higher resolution soft copies, based on your required format like, jpg, png, pdf. By soft copy, size doesn't matter, but we give you 350Dpi more A4, A3 sizes. Or you can ask your desierd size for your print. You can print maximum 10 feet or life size. Best for invitation card print, Welcome poster, Notice board, cut-outs, stage backdrops, vinyl sticker etc.

Photo framed

Make your caricature as a ready to gift for wedding couple, loved one. You can use it by a table-top or a wall-hanging style. We are ready to send directly your loved one addressee via courier. It is cost free courier service in India. We offer 3 sizes of photo framed with best caricature inside

Profile caricature

Nowadays instagram is wired, you can make your face caricature for instagram profile from caricaturelives, get more like, be a popular for a day long. It is very cheap for best caricature

Let start your caricature

Table 01

Best Printable High Resolution soft-copy for Card, Cut-out, Backdrop, Welcome Banner etc. - Ex. Jpg, Png, Pdf / Full Paid only, No Correction accepted / 5 to 7 Days

S.No: Caricature Master Quality Sizes Inches/ 300Dpi Sizes Feets / 300Dpi
01 One Character $ 39 / Rs. 2500 $ 54 / Rs. 3500
02 Additional 2nd Character $ 36 / Rs. 2300 $ 51 / Rs. 3300
03 Additional 3rd Character $ 31 / Rs. 2000 $ 46 / Rs. 3000
04 Wedding Caricature (Simple) $ 79 / Rs. 5000 $ 92 / Rs. 6000
05 Wedding Caricature (Themed) $ 86 / Rs. 5500 $ 99 / Rs. 6500
06 Wedding Caricature (Themed and Ride) $ 95 / Rs. 6000 $ 107 / Rs. 7000
Master Soft Copies / Free Wordings / No Refund

Table 02


e-invite on instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat, whatsapp, linkedin, gplus, skype / HD 1080px / Full Paid only, No Correction accepted / 5 to 7 Days

Single Person / Face+Body with theme Couple / Face+Body with theme with Save the Date Text Setting
Rs.1800 Rs.2800 Rs.3100
Jpeg Soft Copy only / No Refund

Table 03

Photo-Framed Caricature ready to Gift. Table-top and Wall-Hanging styles/ Full Paid only, No Correction accepted / 5 to 7 Days

35x30 cm 25x30 cm 20x25 cm 20x25 cm Printout 2Nos
Rs.4100 (Couple) Rs.3600 (Couple) Rs.3100 (Couple) Rs.2500 (Couple)
Rs.2300 (Single) Rs.2000 (Single) Rs.1800 (Single) Rs.1500 (Single)
Free Courier in India via Courier / No Refund

Table 04

instagram share Caricature Head only / 1080x1080px / Full Paid only, No Correction accepted / 5 to 7 Days

Single Person Couple
Rs.500 Rs.900
Jpeg Soft Copy only / No Refund


a) This is Creative artwork process, so we request 100% Bill Amount helps speedy your order(b) No correction accepted on any levels (c) Free Courier Service in India only. (by ordinary service) (d) Orders completed within 5 to 7 Days, Sunday Holiday. (e) Updates avail on Whatsapp, Send Best Photos for Best Result. (f) We offer 50% Refund, if you are not statisfied on low preview. * This offer Valind on Table01 Rates (g) We are Caricature Artist; do not expect photo reality on Caricatures
For T and C avail at http://www.caricaturelives.com/terms.html

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