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Caricature for wedding invitation, gift, personal and group caricature based on your idea at Caricaturelives with best rates

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Why Caricaturelives

Be Pride on Art, with Caricaturelives


Build your Caricature

Caricaturelives never use Template or Re-use of old design or sketches.Your money working for your Caricature only, so it is Valuable!


Caricature and Corrections

We doing 99% perfectly on our Caricature output. Corrections available* on request only. (Charged)


The Best in Caricature Market

Caricaturelives stands with Clients Satisfaction, Friendly, Best Service and Years of Experienced in Caricature

Wedding Couples Caricature by Caricaturelives

Get your own themed Caricature by Best Price. Hard copy, Web Invitation, Printable Master soft copies in any format. Get info via WhatsApp
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Wedding Caricature

Themed, conceptual, customized Caricature or Invitation Caricature.

Personal Caricature

for Birthday on any other wonderful day's Gift Caricature.

Family Caricature

with Family members, cute animals and birds with you.

Live Caricature

Caricature on the spot, event, wedding reception or official party.


Vector, Bitmap with best quality on your requirements


Watercolor, Charcoal art, Acrylic and Oil paintings


for advertisement, storyboard, character sketch etc

Art Classes

We offered art classes on all with no age limit

Caricature Collections

Caricaturist Sugumarje

SugumarjeFounder, Creative Head

Being with Individuality

Art is valuable, why?

Because it is something that is beautiful, and beauty is something hard to capture. We use art to show are sense of style and feelings to bring brightness in the world. Art contains so much history.. think about it... the artworks we have today play a huge role in our knowledge of history.... (Thanks to openstudy.com)

Here with Caricaturelives, you pay for your Caricature, we never use our old template, design, concept, theme and dress-codes. Caricaturelives draw manualy by new, fresh for every client's order. In internet seach (like Google, bing, and yahoo etc..) you will fail the result on, the same style, concept, dress-code of Caricature done by Caricaturelives. Caricaturelives offer the best rate for the best Caricature artwork. Be pride with Caricaturelives, its being with Individuality.

Caricaturelives is running with skilled artists, leadership with Sugumarje, Creative Head at Caricaturelives. We are happy working you. Anytime whatsapp me to +91 9442783450.

Thanks for choosing Caricaturelives.

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Live Caricature Event Caricature Service available at Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Trivandram, Kochi, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Selam, Karaikudi, Dindigul and Requested cities. Service is subjected to availability of Artist. Minimum Travel allowance is Charged for all orders
Packages - 3 Hours*/ Rs.10000 - 5 Hours*/ Rs. 15000 - Full Day*/ Rs. 20000
*Unlimited Caricature - We provide Black and White, Charcoal, Inked Caricature on Free Art-Papers